Acidophilus Pearls Review – a cure for yeast infections?

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Acidophilus Pearls Acidophilus Pearls Review   a cure for yeast infections?If you are suffering with digestive problems with your yeast infection or looking for a probiotic then you have come to the right place. Probiotics are an important element in the elimination of yeast infections and the digestive problems that go with it.’s, probiotic product, Acidophilus Pearls say it will “alleviate occasional gas and constipation plus symptoms of lactose intolerance” and  “…The Smarter Probiotic …delivers active cultures where you need them – guaranteed.”

Do these acidophilus pearls do what they say? And importantly, do they help with the elimination of candida?

Keep reading my Acidophilus Pearls Reviews to get all the information you need so you don’t waste your money on the wrong product.

Why Probiotics?

Like other probiotics on the market, the function of Acidophilus Pearls is to primarily support to the digestive system, buy way of rebalancing the yeast cells versus the “good bacteria” in the body. With candida, probiotics are the most important supplement you can take to maintain this balance which ideally should be 85% good bacteria and 15% bad.

According to Ryan Shea, author of How to Cure Candida , our top recommended candida product, the additional benefits of probiotics include…

  • improve infections including bacterial, vaginal yeast, bladder and urinary tract infection

  • improve inflammatory bowl disease

  • improve your food allergies

  • improve your inflammatory allergic conditions such as eczema and asthma

  • decrease some of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease

  • decrease some risk factors for cardiovascular disease

  • decrease some risk factors for intestinal cancers

  • decrease the duration of stomach flu & improve travelers diarrhea
  • decease the the rate of childhood respiratory infections
  • helps in the prevention of tooth decay
  • Can help in the digestion of food with lactose

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What are Acidophilus Pearls?

Acidophilus Pearls are a probiotic that come in a capsule and give 1 billion CFU of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium longum per capsule. There are a number of unique features of this probiotic supplement.

Firstly, being a “probiotic pearl“, Acidophilus Pearls have an outer coating using the “True Delivery Technology System”. This is to protect the probiotic bacteria from the harsh environment of the stomach acid in order to survive and then arrive and be released into the intestines. The ingredients of the coating are pectin and gelatin.

The second feature of Acidophilus Pearls is that they only contain 2 strains of probiotics, as compared to other probiotics which have a much higher number of strains of probiotics. explain they have chosen to use the strains of Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Longum because they have received the greatest amount of clinical research and support.

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Company Background are the makers of Acidophilus Pearls. The company, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin has the mission of improving customers health. “Tougher standards are nothing new for us – they’re just part of our mission to bring you the world finest supplements to let you know what better feels like, everyday.”

They have a set of ethical values such as “sincere respect for people” stated on their website and is involved in a number of humanitarian initiatives as they like to give back to the community.

What is really interesting about Enzymatic Therapy is that they have been following the newly FDA mandated Dietary Supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for years. Not only having followed these GMPs for years before it was mandated, Enzymatic Therapy were the pioneers being the first and only company to be FDA registered and an organically certified processing facility.

How to Use Probiotic Pearls

The directions suggested by Enzymatic Therapy are to take a capsule daily with water and can be taken with or without food and they should not be crushed or chewed but swallowed whole.

Acidophilus Pearls Side Effects

As probiotics are a product that is helping to restore balance in your body, it would be unlikely if side effects were experienced.

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Customer Feedback

To get an idea of customer satisfaction like with all products, search Google and Amazon for user testimonials.


  • Has the outer coating to ensure the probiotic bacteria survives and arrives at the intestines to do their work. Because of this coating only 1 billion bacteria are required

  • Unlike other probiotics, refrigeration is not needed

  • Easy to use


  • Is not a complete candida treatment

  • Is only one element in yeast infection elimination

  • Only uses 2 strains of bacteria.

  • Only provides 1 billion active bacteria. This is lower than a number of other probiotics on the markets.

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How to Buy

Add to Cart 300x109 Acidophilus Pearls Review   a cure for yeast infections?You can buy on the official Enzymatic Therapy site at for $16.50 for $30 capsules or $39.95 for 90 capsules. For the $39.95 product this comes with free UPS shipping (probably for the US only).

It is not clear if they ship internationally and they ask you to call them for any questions on shipping. At the time of publishing this article there were no discounts or coupon offers on their site.

Another option to buy for both US buyers and international buyers is Here you will be able to get international shipping. Amazon often offers discounts and depending on what you purchase you can often get free shipping included.

Pearls Probiotics Coupon

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find any probiotic pearls coupons, on the official site. There is a space for a coupon code at check out, so it may exist but I wasn’t able to find the acidophilus pearls coupons codes.

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The Final Verdict.

Many digestive problems are often, unknowingly connected with yeast infections and it is the yeast infection that needs to be eliminated.

If you are wanting to eliminate your candida, you will need more than just a probiotic. Probiotics are only one aspect of candida elimination.

For candida, yeast infections and all other related problems, our top recommended product is How to Cure Candida by Ryan Shea which is a comprehensive system to eliminate yeast infections at the root cause.

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Acidophilus Pearls Review - a cure for yeast infections?, 2.6 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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